Truth. Love. Family.

Ages: Pre-K through 5th
Goal: The Children’s Ministry of New Heights Baptist Church strives to “Make More and Better Christians” by teaching children God’s TRUTH, showing them God’s LOVE, and directing their hearts toward their FAMILY.

As little human beings in a world of troubled times, children need the TRUTH of God’s Word to anchor their souls in God’s bedrock of reality. Church needs to be different than Saturday morning cartoons or an evening at a pop concert if children are ever going to know what being a Christian truly means. While visuals and games can help engage children with God’s Word, they never should become the main thing in a children’s ministry. The main thing is the Bible. Children can come to know God as their heavenly Father and learn to walk with Him the rest of their lives from the Bible.

Children need to know that they are LOVED by their Creator. Church needs to be a place they feel at home and happy, a safe environment in which they can grow in God’s love. His love is communicated within the context of relationships. Our Children’s Ministry workers offer ears that listen, shoulders that catch tears, and words that correct rebellious hearts. The seed of truth is best planted in a heart’s soil that has been softened by the showers of loving Christians. Children can experience God’s love through His loving saints at New Heights Baptist Church.

Children need the support and example of a strong FAMILY to provide stability throughout their lives and help them learn to obey and honor authority. Church needs to be an aid to parents in raising children that know God and love people. God expects us to turn the hearts of children to their parents and the hearts of parents to their children. At New Heights Baptist Church, we recognize that parents have the first responsibility to make more and better Christians out of their children by teaching them God’s truth and showing them God’s love in the home.

Opportunities for your child are numerous:

• Sunday School—Sunday mornings at 9:30
Unites children with age-appropriate classes for Christian discipleship.

• Children’s Church—Sunday mornings at 10:30
Employs engaging Bible lessons, exciting songs, and a variety of other venues, such as short stories and object lessons, to build up young lives.

• Little Tikes Class—Wednesday evenings at 7:30
Grants a special learning time for little ones from post-nursery through first grade.

• CMIT / GEMS—Wednesday evenings at 7:30 throughout the school year
Trains youth from 1st grade through high school to excel at the Christian life through the CMIT (Christian Men in Training) and GEMS (Girls Excelling and Maturing Spiritually) programs.

• Children’s Club—One Sunday afternoon a month
Provides thought-provoking puppet skits and a children’s choir practice for children to use their voice for the glory of God.

• Junior Camp—One week every summer
Disconnects children from tablets and TV so they can be connected to the treasures of life-changing Bible preaching, caring camp counselors, and fun-filled activities.

Transportation is provided for children needing a ride. Simply call (972) 278-5577, and we’ll arrange for your child to be picked up and dropped off for any weekly service.

Regarding security: All children and youth workers are required to have been members at New Heights Baptist Church for at least six months and have a background check done before serving in the Children’s and Youth Ministries. Also, Children’s Church has a check-in, check-out system in place to maintain the security of your child as you worship God and learn His truth in the main services.